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RMR Staff

December 08, 2005
Recent Soapbox:
With all the solid music released in 2007, RMR thought that we would allow certain staffers to contribute their top albums of this year individually rather than collectively. These lists promise to offer unbridled opinions, rampant variety, and opportunities...
Dope Pope, King Self, and Negashi Armada are living a dream as Supreeme, a rap group consisting of three Atlanta natives recently drafted to Warner Bros. Records from the California based indie Record Collection.
GB Leighton is probably Minnesota’s best kept secret. Brian Leighton, the front man for the band, has been playing clubs in the Minneapolis region for almost a decade and a half, drawing huge crowds from an ever growing loyal fan base. He’s also one of the most productive songwriters coming out of the Twin Cities. His concerts are high octane parties that get people up and out of their seats, dancing and singing along.
For over three decades, America has been writing and touring, making it one of the longest running country rock phenomenons in the world. The band currently is touring to support their latest recording, Here and Now, that is a very forward-looking venture, produced in collaboration with indie artists Adam Schlessinger from Fountains of Wayne, and James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins. They also will be touring with Chicago later this summer.
“Death Threat,” “Warrior,” “Vampire,” “Piston,” “Danger Girl,” “Headhunter,” “Aggressor.” There’s a common link between all of these DJ Hive track titles, and that link is his mantra and record label: Violence.
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5. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

Indianapolis band on the rise to the national scene. Strings, Cuomo-esque croons, cookie sheet percussion and just a pinch of whiskey and cigarettes makes some of the most chilled refreshing music the midwest has to offer today.

RMR Album Review: Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos' - The Dust of Retreat

4. Wolf Parade

Having been discovered by Isaac Brook, lead singer of Modest Mouse, these captivating Canadians came out to the world with lots of hype. But don't believe any of it. Just sit back, listen, and be impressed by their powerful debut record.

RMR Album Review: Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary

3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

The well-loved new family puppy of indie rock. Other members of the family don't like the pet because it is so cute and does that adorable leg kick/tongue loll when you rub its belly. Fresh new and fun sound, a soft fun rock that will catch a frisbee in its mouth.

RMR Album Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

2. M.I.A.

Sri-Lankan War refugee in the UK and she wont let you forget it! This lovely lady is bringing beats, rhymes and smooth vocals to the US that are bumping enough to get everyone on the dancefloor. Fuck Madonna, the real disco queen in the British Isles is MIA.

RMR Album Review: M.I.A. - Arular

1. Bloc Party

Crest of the UK wave of Orange Juice/ Gang of Four throwback dance groups. Not revolutionary at all, but a fun pulse raising listen. Initially released to the UK in 2004, this gem didn't grace shelves in the U.S. until 2005.

RMR Album Review: Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

These are the most honored of mentions:
Black Mountain, The Duhks, The Juan Maclean, The Kills, Koushik, Mike Jones, Shinobu