September 25, 2006

Press Release: Mother of All Shows III

On October 1st, Muncie, Indiana will get a taste of some of the best live music in the region in the third "Mother of all Shows", curated by David Chastain (Millions A Hero), Josh Caldwell and's Graham "Phantom" Watson.

The show will feature over 15 bands including headliners In The Face of War (Kokomo, Detournement Records) and Husband & Wife (Bloomington) will be sponsored by Rock Music Review.

The line-up also includes Millions a Hero (Muncie), Ghost of Maine (Indianapolis), Saints Never Surrender (Fort Wayne), No Heroics, Please (Muncie), Offering by Fire (Kokomo), and agora. (Muncie), This Story (Muncie, Standard Recording), Arrah and the Ferns (Muncie, Standard Recording), Casados (Champaign, IL), Harley Poe (Indianapolis, Standard Recording), Chad Serhal (Kokomo), Fighting Ryan's Cousin (Greentown), Shamless Self Promotion (Indianapolis), and more.

Suggested donation for all-ages admittance is $3. The show will take place from 3-11pm in the Ball State University Student Center Ball Room, located at the corner of University and McKinley in Muncie, Indiana.

Any media inquiries should be directed to Jack Shepler, founder of Rock Music Review at jackola.[_at_]

Posted by jack at 12:27 PM
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February 15, 2006

RMR to release mix tape, feature indy and dance music

Rock Music Review, based out of Muncie, Indiana, is set to release a mix tape throughout the midwest.

The release will be available FREE in cassette format and streamable online. Initially there will be 1,000 copies released to independent record stores and at various shows of the artists on the cassette.

Side A, labeled "Indy Indie," features the best indie music coming out of Indiana, from Bloomington to Muncie, Indianapolis and Evansville, and in between. Side B will feature rock you can dance to.

More information will be coming soon, including artist lineup, release date (set for March) and distribution locations. For more information, contact Jack Shepler of Rock Music Review (

Posted by jack at 07:19 PM
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