Hey Letterman! Get us on!
Jack Shepler
November 23, 2006
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David Letterman is without a doubt Ball State University's best known alumni. BSU wants Letterman to take notice of one of the school's most sensational bands: Arrah and the Ferns. Because of this, a show was organized that took place on October 17 at Village Green Records, Muncie's locally owned vinyl and CD store, with the intention of getting Arrah on The Late Show.

As part of the effort, Travis Harvey, of the late Revel in the Morning..., took on video taping the whole show, in HD no less, to send to Letterman along with a petition that was passed around at the show.

Despite what seemed like short notice, online promotions and word of mouth managed to pick up about 200 attendees who came to support Arrah in getting on Letterman, but also for a few other surprises. Brazil, who is on a national in support of their new album, The Philosophy of Velocity, made an acoustic appearance. Everything, Now!'s Jon "Crafty" Rogers and Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos' Jesse Lee, as well a few other local musical locals came together to perform as Works Cited.

Works Cited opened the show with several songs that they had literally just put together in the few days leading up to the show. Crafty said during the set that "every song completed feels like a miracle." They performed a great show for having just thrown it all together. As always, Jesse Lee's cello playing was astounding and Crafty brought his A-game.

As Works Cited played, the sun slowly said goodnight and the crowd grew larger. For those that didn't come earlier for the free picnic or to hear the latest crafty-work, it was time to come out and support getting the Ferns on Late Night.

Arrah and the Ferns opened with a few giveaways and Arrah was met with applause when she announced that she's engaged to be married. The three piece gave Letterman one of their best shows, performing most of their album and even a new song not found on the album, "Liar Liar Pants on Fire". PV Huerta and Jordan Knox, member and former member of folk band This Story, joined The Ferns to perform on "Apple for Evan", which is on the album.

After The Ferns finished their set, the cameras were turned off and Brazil took stage. It was unfortunate that a many people left at this point. They missed a great acoustic set from one of the most successful bands to leave Muncie.

Brazil performed as a three piece with singer Jonathon Newby, and guitar players Aaron Smith and Eric Johnson. At one point in the show the audience was caught off guard when Aaron picked up his cell phone and appeared to be making a phone call. However he was actually using his phone to create reverberation.

The short band had a short set, but it was great none-the-less.

Arrah and the Ferns would be a huge difference from what Letterman, and most other late night shows has on. Arrah and the Ferns have no bass, no riffs, and no million-dollar label. What they do have is cute, poppy folk, from Dave's alma madder (Ball State) and one of the best kept secrets in the musical world (Muncie).

Let's hope Dave takes notice.

Arrah and the Ferns


Works Cited