Family Values Brings Stone Temple Pilots, Other Bands to Indy
Katie Bennett
July 21, 2002
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Linkin Park - Silopark Diffusion

Linkin Park - Silopark Diffusion
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Rock Music Reviews

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (RMR) - The 2001 Family Values Tour shook Conseco Fieldhouse with an assault of 7-string guitars, turntables and drums on Tuesday, October 16 in front of an audience of 6,200. Five bands on the bill accounted for the steep $50 ticket prices.

Opening band Spike1000 surprised the audience with the presence of a female lead vocalist. Shannon Harris stalked the stage with the microphone cable wrapped around her arm, stopping periodically to shake her head around and scream into microphone. Their 20 minute set was filled with angry songs in which Harris belted out high and low notes. Although the band had a small group of followers, the majority of the audience was being exposed to Spike1000 for the first time.

Metal band Static-X charged into their set with loud, heavy guitar riffs and slamming drums. With a giant backdrop of the logo of their latest album entitled Machine, the band played new songs "Black and White"and "This Is Not"and the old favorite "Push It."The elaborate set consisted of two enlarged transformer-like objects with protruding bolts and boxes for the guitarists to step up on. Static-X vocalist Wane Static's hoarse, abrupt voice blended in with the screeching of the guitars and was difficult to distinguish at times.

Recently emerged band Linkin Park put on a spectacular set, playing numerous hits and getting involved with the equally as enthused crowd. Their stage was complete with a backdrop of their debut album Hybrid Theory, two large cut-outs of the soldier depicted on the cover of Hybrid and a raised platform for DJ Joseph Hahn. Hahn was praised later in the show during the new song "Step Up"as a chant between singer and guitarist Mike Shinoda and the audience repeatedly went "Mister"followed by "Hahn."Lead vocalist Chester Bennington jumped into the crowd during a song and continued to maintain notes as the audience held him up.

As a display of dedication to fans, guitarist Brad Delson played the show with a broken foot and still managed to keep up the pace with his band mates. The crowd erupted into chaos as Linkin Park ended the set with an amazing performance of their first single "One Step Closer."Bennington received eager help from the audience while reciting the lyric "Shut up when I'm talking to you." Bennington and Shinoda acted as a tag-team on stage, running from side to side of the stage and yelling into the microphones in contrasting yet effective styles.

Chart-toppers Staind offered a mellow and invoking performance following Linkin Park. With a combination of songs from albums Dysfunction and the recent Break the Cycle, the set was emotionally moving. The band lulled the audience with hits "It's Been Awhile"and "Outside"played acoustically, and the audience obligingly held lighters during both songs. Vocalist Aaron Lewis, seemingly comfortable performing, casually smoked cigarettes throughout the show when not roaring into the microphone.

Staind's typically depressing songs seemed to place a somber demeanor over the crowd as heads melodically bobbed up and down to the beat, and audience members sang along to Lewis's heart-wrenching lyrics. Lyrics for the song "Fade'"demonstrate this emotion as it goes, "‌‌I just needed someone to talk to/You were just too busy with yourself/You were never there for me to/Express how I felt/I just stuffed it down."

Modern rock veterans Stone Temple Pilots aimed to please as their set included many all-time favorites, vocalist Scott Weiland's outrageous stage antics and numerous extravagant stage changes. Bursting out with bright flashes of light, the band made no delay to astonish the audience. Weiland was joined by Linkin Park's Bennington during the song "Dead & Bloated"during which both singers energetically jumped about the stage. Weiland afterwards verbally condoned Linkin Park out of all present modern rock groups, saying that they are melodic, talented and respectable artists.

Halfway through the set, the stage rotated and revealed an elaborate setting of couches and candles. The band then played "Sour Girl"and "Creep"acoustically while sitting comfortably on the couches.

Playing a staggering amount of older songs, Stone Temple Pilots only managed to play a couple songs off their latest album Shangri-La Dee Da, including songs "Coma"and "Hello It's Late."

Stone Temple Pilots finished their set but soon came out again for an mind-blowing encore of the song "Sex Type Thing."Weiland, adorned in an American flag, sang "I ain't, I ain't, I ain't/A buyin' into your apathy/I'm gonna learn ya my philosophy/You wanna know about atrocity?"