John Mayer Tour a Must-See for Musicians, too!
Andrew Schultz
December 12, 2002
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November 22, 2005
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September 9, 2003
Room for Squares Room for Squares
September 18, 2001
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September 17, 2002
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February 11, 2003
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Rock Music Reviews

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (RMR) - One single spotlight was all that shone on the stage for young guitarist/singer/songwriter John Mayer. Often known for his solo act, this tour was an exception. After a short solo intro, Mayer's band kicked in with the lights as thousands of screaming fans sang "My Stupid Mouth" off his latest release "Room for Squares".

John Mayer's fans would be in for a very musically-intelligent evening of his unique style of pop rock. Mayer displayed all of his talents for the capacity crowd. Whether it was his catchy melodies, well thought out lyrics, or his frequent use of falsetto voice, the crowd responded in an overwhelming fashion.

Introductions to his songs were infrequent, which allowed listeners to be engrossed in Mayer's music constantly. Of the few, though, Mayer introduced his "Your Body is a Wonderland" as a song about the content groans he makes when he sees the body of an attractive member of the opposite sex. The band played mostly transitions which created a nice flow for the rather lengthy, yet well received, set.

John Mayer isn't just for the pop-music-loving teen. John Mayer is also for the musically trained ear. Mayer's solo guitar skills are beyond description. He played extended melodic solos on guitar and keyboard to songs like the mellow "City Love", folk sounding "3x5", and childhood memory "83". But the most impressive musicianship expressed from Mayer came on the solo break for his catchy shuffle "Neon", in which he scat-sang the same melody he was creating on his guitar. This is a skill usually only found in some of the best jazz musicians of all time, which adds to the list reasons to appreciate the music of John Mayer.

Upon exiting the stage after his impressive "Neon" performance, increased audience chants brought John Mayer back on stage, but he was alone this time. For an encore, Mayer drew in his audience with his ballad "Comfortable", to which thousands sang along. However, one encore was not enough as he followed it up with a guitar/ bass duet "Love Song for No One". To finish out, Mayer brought his band out again to captivate the audience once again with his ballad "St. Patrick's Day".

With his Dave-Matthews-esque stage movements, catchy songs, and incredible musical talent, John Mayer will surely electrify audiences everywhere on his tour with Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

Robert Randolph, slide guitarist, and his Family Band surely lit up the crowd in preparation for John Mayer's set. Randolph uses distortion effects on his slide guitar to create a new melodic sound that leads the instrumental group. RR and the Family Band create funk rock grooves that allowed Randolph to impress the audience with his own slide guitar skills on songs like "Press On". The free structure of many of the Family Band's songs was reminiscent of other jam bands like Phish. Overall, Robert Randolph and the Family Band created a lively, interactive atmosphere in preparation for the featured John Mayer.