Saxon Shore
Dave McGovern
staff writer
January 19, 2006
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Saxon Shore in Chinatown, New York City. photo by Mike Vorrasi

Saxon Shore's latest album Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore was inspired by the near break up of the group. After this near death experience the New York post-rock quintet got Dave Fridmann to produce their record which has been generating some impressive buzz including catching the ear of people at the Sundance Film Festival. Matt Doty (guitars, keyboards, programming) answers questions and shed a few rays of light on the exquisiteness of Saxon Shore.

RMR:"This Shameless Moment" is going to be featured on a Sundance Film Festival trailer. Obviously, you all must be pretty excited about that. What was the process like to have your track selected for the trailer? Did you apply or did someone at Sundance request to use your track?

MD: Someone at the company editing the trailer had heard our music on a short
film we scored a couple years ago and thought it would be a good fit on the
trailer. I guess the people at Sundance agreed so they got in touch with us
and we worked things out from there.

RMR:What is the "musical philosophy" of the band (if you guys have one)? What do you set out to accomplish with your music?

MD: Ehh, this question can get awkward. Without saying too much we just try to
be as agenda-free as possible.

RMR:What inspires you musically? Any muses that you turn to?

MD: It's always inspiring when you know there's nothing else you can see
yourself doing and just do your best to enjoy it even when it can be not so
fun. I don't know if this is something I will want to do for the rest of my
life, but it's a good place to be right now.

RMR:I'm not really a tech guy at all, but the sound you create at your live show
is overwhelming. Maybe you could talk a little about what kind of equipment
you use to create such mammoth sounds?

MD: For the past couple years our live show has involved a lot of samples, and
though that meant a consistently big sound every night it was somewhat
confining as to what we were able to do. So we recently decided to get rid
of the sampler and add our mysterious 5th member, Oliver, to the live show.
We've been rehearsing the past couple weeks and for me it's much more
enjoyable creating all these sounds live. And I know our drummer enjoys not
having to wear headphones anymore. We're also playing older songs again.

RMR:You've got a show coming up at Ball State. The venue there (basically a converted cafeteria), to me, is a bit unorthodox. Do you like playing there? Enjoy the aesthetics and acoustics?

MD: Yea, our last show there was the first time we were able to sell the
Exquisite Death at a show so I feel like maybe there's this personal
connection with the people there. Not sure if they feel the same way or not though. Ha.

RMR:What albums have you all been listening to lately?

MD: Brian Mcbride "When the Detail Lost its Freedom", The Cure "Disintegration"
(just been listening to that song a lot really, not necessarily the album),
Manitoba "Start Breaking My Heart", Bohren and Der Club of Gore "Black
Earth", Isis "Panopticon" and Cat Power "The Greatest"

RMR:What is in the immediate, and not so immediate, future for Saxon Shore?

MD: Never really so sure. I know we're sticking to weekend shows until March.
Just got back from an 8 week tour which was our 5th of 2005 so we're trying
to be homebodies for a while. Hoping to have a new record done this fall,
but no real plans for that yet.

Lightning Round!

Chalupa or Gordita?

Sorry, Enchiladas.

Favorite natural occurring sound?

What counts as natural? Birds, or just not being intentionally created by
someone at that moment? Cause there's a bunch of wind chimes outside this
venue in Des Moines called the Vaudeville Mews that, on a windy fall
evening, made one of the nicest sounds I heard on tour.

Street fighter of mortal kombat?

Mortal Kombat Deception. Is it weird that I'm so specific?

John Lennon or George Harrison?

John Lennon.

Favorite vegetable (to look at, not to eat)?

Indian Corn. Reminds me of the fall.

Home grown or imported?

Home Grown.

Cotton or Silk?


Favorite movie to laugh at because of its sheer stupidity?

Does Wedding Crashers fall under this? That's the first thing that comes to
mind since its the last movie I bought.

Sun set or Dinette set?


RMR: thanks for your time Matt

RMR Album Review: The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore