The Dimes
Anthony Obi
staff writer
July 20, 2006
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The Dimes playing the 2005 Bake Sale in Texas

The Dimes are some of the nicest guys you'd ever meet.

They're hardworking, dedicated, determined, friendly, and most importantly, they make great music. Not to mention a live show that must be experienced to believe! I can see, hear, and feel the Pixies and Sonic Youth influence running strong with these young guys.

At the end of June, I was able to interview the Dimes over the Internet.

The Dimes are...

Carlos Sanchez - Vocals/Guitar
Cley Miller- Guitar
Jose Sanchez- Bass
Iram Guerrero- Drums

RMR: Are interviews and other promotional venues usually handled as a
whole or is their a key member to represent the band?

The Dimes: We usually like to do everything as a band, there is no key
member. Everyone is equal in the dimes.

RMR: It seems like everyone makes up the personality of The Dimes as a
whole rather than a front man. Is it a conscious effort to make things equal or
does it come naturally?

The Dimes: A little bit of both. We don't want one person getting credit for
something, we want the band getting credit. We all put alot of effort in our own
individual ways to make the dimes.

RMR: Are you all the original members of the band or have there been any
line up changes?

The Dimes: We're all the original members, but before the dimes were formed
Carlos, Jose and Iram were playing music together for a year. Cley came in
2004 and then dimes were formed shortly after.

RMR: Did you guys have a different sound or style before Cley came into
the band? Was there a band already formed before Cley?

The Dimes: Before Cley, it was more pop-punk with Carlos, Iram and Jose.
There was a band with Carlos, Iram and Andrew McShan of Emo side project,
they were known as Fat Kids on Mo-Peds. It was nothing serious.

RMR: haha i see. How serious are The Dimes?

The Dimes: Very serious. We want to do this for a living.

RMR: Was the serious attitude there from the start of the band?

The Dimes: Yeah, it 's serious but we still have a lot of fun and it's been that
way from the start.

RMR: Well I think that's the best way to go about it. Being serious but never
so much that you lose the fun.

The Dimes: Correct!

RMR: Now you guys have been compared to bands such as Pavement and
The Pixies, but is there a wide range of influences running through The

The Dimes: Yes, lots and lots of bands.

RMR: What are some of the influential bands that people wouldn't typically
link to you all?

The Dimes: Television, the Zombies, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Sonic Youth...

RMR: Sonic Youth! I've always heard you guys likened to the Pixies but
Sonic Youth was the first band that came to mind when I heard the Dimes.

The Dimes: Really?

RMR: Absolutely.

The Dimes: Wow, we rarely get Sonic Youth.

RMR: Haha well you got it from me. What is your approach to
creating songs?

The Dimes: One person comes in with a riff and we start all start adding our own parts to that riff until we have something that we like. It's a very slow and picky process. If we don't like it, we scrap it.

RMR: Do they make it to recording before being scrapped?

The Dimes: No, they usually don't. We don't really record too often. Some songs have been reconstructed and we use those reconstructed versions on our recording.

RMR: What's the Dimes approach to lyrics? Does each member contribute to the lyrics?

The Dimes: No, usually Carlos covers the lyrics by himself, but Jose has written a song or 2 before. When Carlos writes he usually writes about what's on his mind at the moment.

RMR: So, in terms of subject matter, the lyrics can pretty much come from anywhere?

The Dimes: Usually they are about things from the past, or stories that Carlos has heard, or dreams. They can pretty much come from anywhere.

RMR: How long have each of you been playing music?

The Dimes: Cley - 4 years; Carlos, Jose, and Iram - 3 years.

RMR: Do any of the members play any styles of music besides rock 'n' roll?

The Dimes: Sadly we do not.

RMR: Is there any interest in other styles of music?

The Dimes: Yes. We also like rap, classical, blues, musicals, bluegrass, ragtime and a few others that we're forgetting to mention.

RMR: You guys would make a fantastic blues're already on the way with the matching suits (laugh)

The Dimes: yeah, we probably would, but we are not talented enough at our instruments to play that kind of music.

RMR: I doubt talent would be an issue at all! Where does The Dimes style of dress come from? The uniform look in your live shows is pretty well known.

The Dimes: Beatles and Jose's vision of us.

RMR: Jose, what's your vision of the band?

The Dimes:'s very glamorous in a not so glamoruus way, and that's all I will say.

RMR: Haha i see, well keep at it. It's a good look. Where do you all see the band going in the near future? Any record releases or tours?

The Dimes: We plan to have a record release on 8/12 at Walter's on Washington and we're hoping to tour nationally, sometime soon, hopefully next summer.

RMR: What's the title of the record?

The Dimes: We don't have one yet. It's being recorded at Sugar Hill right now. So far, we've gotten the bass and drums completed and we still need to do guitars and vocals. We really hope that it will be ready

RMR: I'll definitely support the record when it comes out.

The Dimes: thank you

RMR: Are you all still in school, by the way?

The Dimes: Jose willbe a senior in highschool next year. Cley, Carlos and Iram graduated and willbe attending UofH and HCC this fall.

RMR: What are you guys opinions of the indie music scene, and the Houston music scene in particular?

The Dimes: The music is good in the indie scene but a lot of kids are focusing more on the style and not the music. The Houston scene could really use some more local support.

RMR: What do you mean by local support?

The Dimes: More people could support the music here in Houston by coming out to shows and showing more interest in what this city has to offer.

RMR: Well, what do you all think of what the Houston scene currently offers?

The Dimes: There's some good music here, not much, but some.

RMR: What are some local bands you guys are into?

The Dimes: Satin Hooks, Georgia's Horse, The Mighty Orq, Flowers 2 Hide,
Something Fierce, belville, Listen Listen, the Mathletes, Straight
Fork, and Without A Face.

RMR: All of those are good bands and I definitely agree with you all about support. Fans really need to support their own and bands should definitely be unified so the Houston scene can come up as a whole, rather than be divided.

The Dimes: Exactly!

RMR: Well thank you all for this interview! Before we conclude I just want to do a quick lightning round. I list two things, you pick your one favorite of the two, alright?

The Dimes: sounds good

RMR: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

The Dimes: beatles

RMR: 2Pac or Biggie?

The Dimes: 2Pac

RMR: Dr. Evil or Dr. Spock?

The Dimes: Dr. Spock

RMR: MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice?

The Dimes: HAMMER!

RMR: Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

The Dimes: Mortal Kombat, that was a tough one!

RMR: The Simpsons or Family Guy?

The Dimes: old Simpsons

RMR: Definitely! Boy George or George Bush?

The Dimes: Boy George

RMR: and finally... Frank Black or Black Francis?

The Dimes: Black Francis

RMR: thank you! You all take care

The Dimes: you too

RMR: peace

The Dimes: thanks for interviewing us