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August 10, 2006
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Prior to attending this show I didn't quite grasp the concepts implied by "Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew." I was curiously skeptical as to why Broken Social Scene would be presenting their own front man as if he were...
Yesterday was the opener for the 10,000 Lakes Festival at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was hot and muggy, but the sticky summer weather didn’t put a damper on festival spirits. The campground population was growing...
FESTIVAL. DAY 1. SATURDAY. 5.26. It’s 7p.m. and I’m still a bit hung-over from my prior night/morning in Chicago. I am definitely lacking sleep and despite my cute outfit I am well aware I look haggard. Not the easiest way to begin a three day extravaganza of techno, dancing, and drugs. But to hell with it; this is Detroit!
Last week I had to drive to Cincinnati and catch Artimus Pyledriver and Fu Manchu who were playing at this place called the Madhatter's in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati. A real shithole. But then again, they got...
“Bombs” were dropped on Indianapolis on Wednesday, February 21st — bombs that got the party hyped and the dance floor moving.
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I recently sat down with Will Pugh of Cartel during their Warped Tour stop in Indianapolis.

RMR: Describe what you do on a typical day on the Warped Tour.

Will: Nothing. We normally get up about noon. Get ready, get some food, do some prep for the show…

RMR: You’ve been on the road for a while, how have the crowds been?

Will: Awesome, a lot bigger than expected. We really couldn’t ask for much more because our show time isn’t published every day, people have to come find us.

RMR: What’s your favorite track off Chroma?

Will: Probably “Save Us” the new version.

RMR: What is your favorite track to perform?

Will: “Q & A”, the whole thing… It cool because it sounds different every time.

RMR: Are you preparing for the next one?

Will: Kind of… some writing over the last 3 or 4 months but nothing too involved. We’ve only been working on songs together the last few days. After we finish the Warped Tour and the New Found Glory Tour in October we’ll probably start writing more.

RMR: Is the sound of the band going to change and are you bringing in any new elements on the new album?

Will: The third guitar is going to make a lot more appearances… Its gonna make a really great soundscape. I call it making noise but that idea of seeing what Nick can do and seeing how we can be better at things. I just learned how to play rhythmic guitar and Nick knows how to play a lot better lead guitar. The new album will have some same pop but we probably will have horns on the new album. We’ll have trumpets, not really that you’ll be able to tell but in an opposite way of how Panic! At the Disco did it – less vaudeville and more British. If that makes sense… Kind of like how Oasis incorporated it at the end of songs to make it sound more rock and roll and less showy. That’s what we want to do.

RMR: What’s it like being on the road?

Will: It’s really cool. I personally like being in the studio more than performing because I love that feeling of never hearing your song sound that good before. Its something only an artist can understand. At times I’m having a lot of fun out here and at times I’m having more fun at home. It depends on how you wake up every morning.

RMR: Have you made any good friends with other bands here on the Warped Tour?

Will: We’ve made pretty good friends with The Academy Is… and Gym Class Heroes. They’re together on a label and they travel together and so we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. They’re really good people. It’s hard to get to know a lot of people because a lot of the older guys don’t want to hang out with us emo kids. There’s so many people its hard to get to know all of them.

RMR: What’s the last CD you bought?

Will: I bought the Working Title CD, the Format, and Muse. The Format sounds much older and more classic but it’s poppy and catchy. The new Muse is amazing. And this band called As Tall as Lions put together a fantastic record. Its Def Leppard type rock that’s really really good stuff.

RMR: How does the crowd impact how you play as a band?

Will: You feel the energy of everyone. If no one was singing and just standing there watching you it wouldn’t be nearly as good. Having everyone holler back at you and give you positive energy allows you to draw a lot more out of it. He fans will get a lot more out of it if they give us more.

RMR: Can you give us a preview to what we’re playing today?

Will: I can give you the set list, I don’t care. Luckie St., If I Fail, Runaway, Burn This City, Say Anything (Else), and Honestly.

RMR: Are you working on your next single or next video after “Honestly”?

Will: No, not really. Because of all the TRL stuff we’re working on pushing Honestly and we probably won’t end up shooting a new video until we’re either on the New Found Glory Tour or done with it.

RMR: Do you know what’s next?

Will: Umm… It’s close between Say Anything Else and Runaway. It will probably be Say Anything (Else) but Runaway is doing really well in AOL Radio and downloads. I think Say Anything (Else) would make for a funnier video so that’s what I’m hoping for.

RMR: Has the internet effected how you make decisions as a band?

Will: I think it helps most with getting feedback from people. You can put a couple songs up and find out what people think of them. Obviously, that can go on to change your life. Honestly got onto AOL Radio and its not on Top 40 Radio. We’ll beat bands like Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy on AOL downloads and people are freaking out like if you could sell as many records through real radio you’d have sold like $8 million. But it’s only on 4 stations nationwide. Radio is a dying breed now. They’re real hesitant to get behind a new band but they’ll play an old staple that may have a terrible new album just because it’s a name stay and they’ll spin that record way past its time. The new bands just have a tough time getting in.

RMR: Thank you!