Pants Yell
Dave McGovern
staff writer
September 15, 2005
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Prior to attending this show I didn't quite grasp the concepts implied by "Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew." I was curiously skeptical as to why Broken Social Scene would be presenting their own front man as if he were...
Yesterday was the opener for the 10,000 Lakes Festival at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was hot and muggy, but the sticky summer weather didnít put a damper on festival spirits. The campground population was growing...
FESTIVAL. DAY 1. SATURDAY. 5.26. Itís 7p.m. and Iím still a bit hung-over from my prior night/morning in Chicago. I am definitely lacking sleep and despite my cute outfit I am well aware I look haggard. Not the easiest way to begin a three day extravaganza of techno, dancing, and drugs. But to hell with it; this is Detroit!
Last week I had to drive to Cincinnati and catch Artimus Pyledriver and Fu Manchu who were playing at this place called the Madhatter's in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati. A real shithole. But then again, they got...
ďBombsĒ were dropped on Indianapolis on Wednesday, February 21st ó bombs that got the party hyped and the dance floor moving.
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After two LPs, one EP, one seven inch and two years, Pants Yell continues to grow through the relatively new medium of CD-R labels and the power of word-of-mouth. Pants Yell is a group that needs to be heard. If you haven't had the chance to listen to them yet, get a feel for the people that make the music.

RMR: Maybe a little introduction is needed. Why don't you all tell us a little bit about the members of Pants Yell

Andrew: Carly (drums), Sterling (bass) and I (Andrew-guitar) are all residents of Boston where we met at the Massachusetts College of Art. We've been playing music together for the past two years.

RMR: How was your guys' summer? Sweat it out at Day Jobs or did you do a lot of touring? What's coming up for you guys in the fall?

A: Summer was very busy but a lot of fun. Carly and Sterling graduated in May, and we all work day jobs of course; retail at a bookstore, record shop, picture frame shop, and Saks Fifth Avenue respectively.

We're always playing live so that didn't change. Most notably we were asked to open for Cass McCombs which was amazing and we had our little tour, which was really, really great. We only did 8 shows in a row: Albany, NY/ NYC/ Philadelphia / Bethlehem, PA /Arlington,VA / Wilkes-Barre, PA / Pittsburgh and Detroit, but it was still exciting for us.

In the fall I finish up school but the band continues on. We have a bunch of new songs to record which will enable us to put the finishing touches on the next full length. We have a couple shows in November with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Dear Nora that
I'm especially looking forward to.

RMR: You're on Asaurus Records now. How did you get involved with them? What do you think about the CD-R label "industry" and what has it accomplished for underground music (if anything at all)?

A: We got involved with Asaurus by sending them a little demo cd a couple of years ago. CD-Rs are really inexpensive and easy way to produce music, but sometimes that (like '90s home tape labels) allows any kid with a guitar to write songs that are usually quite bad and unleash them onto the "public" which isn't so useful to underground music. Meaning it kind of gives cdrs a novice/ amateur name, but not necessarily.

RMR: You guys are the definition of sweet, pop rock in its most pure, unadulterated form. Have any bigger labels noticed Pants Yell yet?

A: I don't know about the sweet pop rock tag, but once someone from Mercury Records e-mailed us asking for our demo cdr that was at the time featured in Careless Talk Costs Lives. The inquiry struck me as more silly than anything.

RMR: According to your website, your latest release, '83 in '05, is available in
Europe. Do you have a lot of popularity across the Atlantic?

A: the 7" is available through the great Unpopular Records mail-order catalog, which is run by the same people who do the equally fantastic Tangents e-zine, who have been very kind and supportive of us. We get a lot of e-mails from people throughout Europe and from what Iím told we get a fair amount of European mail-order, but I don't think we'd consider ourselves very popular there (or in the US!)

RMR: In the song "'83 in '05" you say that "MBV, MBV, MBV, they made a mockery of me." I assume you are talking about My Bloody Valentine here. Just wondering what was the story behind this lyric.

A: Well, the whole song is about Alan McGee and Creation Records. The title of the 7" " '83 in '05" is a play on " '73 in '83" by the Legend! which was the first release on Creation. Certain parts of the song are sung from Alan McGee's perspective, such as the line you pointed out. He's lamenting about the way MBV and Kevin Shields drove him into mental instability and bankruptcy.

RMR: Any new LPs or collaborations in the works?

A: Yes, a new full length this winter that will be a split label release by Asaurus and Paper Cities. We're planning on it being a 12" with a cd version enclosed in the packaging. You can't lose.

RMR: Hey thanks for your time Andrew, best of luck to you and your bandmates in the future!

Pants Yell!
Asaurus Records