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December 15, 2005
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Prior to attending this show I didn't quite grasp the concepts implied by "Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew." I was curiously skeptical as to why Broken Social Scene would be presenting their own front man as if he were...
Yesterday was the opener for the 10,000 Lakes Festival at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was hot and muggy, but the sticky summer weather didnít put a damper on festival spirits. The campground population was growing...
FESTIVAL. DAY 1. SATURDAY. 5.26. Itís 7p.m. and Iím still a bit hung-over from my prior night/morning in Chicago. I am definitely lacking sleep and despite my cute outfit I am well aware I look haggard. Not the easiest way to begin a three day extravaganza of techno, dancing, and drugs. But to hell with it; this is Detroit!
Last week I had to drive to Cincinnati and catch Artimus Pyledriver and Fu Manchu who were playing at this place called the Madhatter's in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati. A real shithole. But then again, they got...
ďBombsĒ were dropped on Indianapolis on Wednesday, February 21st ó bombs that got the party hyped and the dance floor moving.
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Rock Music Reviews

Time capsules; How long does one need to be sealed for it to be considered a time capsule? Even if it is sealed for a day, doesn't the capsule, in theory, preserve what yesterday was like? This week RMR offers its version of a time capsule interview with the Castanets. Tight lipped and sometimes cryptic Raymond Raposa briefly answered a few questions sent prior to the release of Castanets sophomore album First Lights Freeze. Questions were sent via world wide carrier pigeon in mid-October. Apparently the pigeon got lost both ways and only now does this riveting interview see the light of LCD flat screen monitor.

RMR: Hey Ray, how are you doing?
RR: Sleepy. My back hurts.

RMR: How is your fall going?
RR: Lots of freeways. Phosphorescent breaking my heart night after night.

RMR: I see that you have a tour coming up in mid November and your first ever European tour. Are you excited?
RR: Stoked.

RMR: Do you enjoy "life on the road"?
RR: Life on the road is still living with what you choose.

RMR: Who's in the band's live configuration?
RR: Different folks for different strokes (this fall=Adam Kriney, Meadows, Jessie Ainslie).

RMR: On First Light's Freeze the production seems to be crisper. Did you make any changes production-wise since Cathedral? Any other changes made recording-wise since your first album?
RR: Less reverb. More willingness to let things stand/fall where they will

RMR: When Cathedral came out there was alot of buzz on the internet about the album; from message boards to the almighty Pitchfork. Did this success create any pressure while writing and recording of First Light's Freeze?
RR: Yes.

RMR: Can you describe your song writing process? What inspires you creatively?
RR: Go out. I walk around. I live life. I dream dreams. Terrible things occur. Wonderful gifts are given.

RMR: What are some bands around now that you really admire?
RR: Mr. Viking Moses. Ms. Jana Hunter. Grime.

RMR: We just had Halloween. Did you celebrate the holiday and dress up? Keeping with the Halloween theme what is your all time best Halloween costume?
RR: Oh shoot, I'm such a Halloween Grinch. No dressing up this year, didn't go out. Nothing.

Lightning Round!

Spiro Agnew or Dan Quail?

Favorite candy?
Stella Artois

Favorite time to record?
Not early

Chili or black pepper?

Break or ballroom dancing?

French toast or pancakes?
French Toast or a Waffle House egg sandwich if I can get it.

Favorite state?

Favorite kind of chair?
The one at the dinner table

Video game or physical activity?
Getting physical for sure, in all fashions

Police Academy 3 or Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith?
The Five Obstructions

Thanks much for your time Ray. Have a great tour and keep up the great work.