Jack Shepler
May 24, 1998
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Prior to attending this show I didn't quite grasp the concepts implied by "Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew." I was curiously skeptical as to why Broken Social Scene would be presenting their own front man as if he were...
Yesterday was the opener for the 10,000 Lakes Festival at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was hot and muggy, but the sticky summer weather didnít put a damper on festival spirits. The campground population was growing...
FESTIVAL. DAY 1. SATURDAY. 5.26. Itís 7p.m. and Iím still a bit hung-over from my prior night/morning in Chicago. I am definitely lacking sleep and despite my cute outfit I am well aware I look haggard. Not the easiest way to begin a three day extravaganza of techno, dancing, and drugs. But to hell with it; this is Detroit!
Last week I had to drive to Cincinnati and catch Artimus Pyledriver and Fu Manchu who were playing at this place called the Madhatter's in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati. A real shithole. But then again, they got...
ďBombsĒ were dropped on Indianapolis on Wednesday, February 21st ó bombs that got the party hyped and the dance floor moving.
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JFC: How did mukala start?

mukala: Mukala got its start out of a small Christian band called Vine. It was a band in which I, Dan was the lead singer/songwriter as well, but had a bit more of an acoustic rock feel. The band morphed into Mukala (not my own idea!! :) )soon after being seen at a showcase by Essential director of A&R Robert Beeson, who was interested in signing the band.

JFC: Describe your style of music in your own words.

mukala: Really, it's just fun Electronic Pop Rock.

JFC: What other Christian/secular bands influence you?

mukala: There's an somewhat of an undeniable Beck influence on the production in "Fiction", although the scope of the band is much broader than that, encompassing other modern rock groups like Soul Coughing, and Prodigy. Songwriting has been influenced by many great writers such as Sting, James Taylor, even Christian writers like Wayne Kirkpatrick.

JFC: Please give me your comments/thoughts about these songs:

JFC: Jesus Shirt

mukala: Jesus Shirt is a challenging song about making one's walk with Jesus Christ much more significant than the "buzzwords" of the modern Western Church, and all the "Jesus Marketing" that goes along with it. It's a lifestyle that should be reflected in the things we do and say, not just what we wear plastered across our shirt.

JFC: Original Sin

mukala: Original Sin is a pointed look at the "Shock Rocker" trend of the end of this century.

JFC: Regret

mukala: A silly little song about learning from one's mistakes. :)

JFC: Atrocity

mukala: A look at leaders who abuse their power. Not about any one in particular though! ;)

JFC: What of your songs are your favorite?

mukala: The concensus in the band would have to be "Regret" because we have so much fun playing it.

JFC: What's your fav Bible Verse?

mukala: Prov 3:5-6

JFC: What's your favorite movie?

Dan: Dumb and Dumber
Alex: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Jason: He doesn't watch movies. (Actually I had trouble finding out) ;)

JFC: What do think about all of this Y2K stuff?

mukala: I don't imagine we are much experts on that issue, although the bible encourages heeding wise counsel, so we think it's important for Christians to be prepared, but don't let that distract you from what you should always keep your mind on:Jesus, and doing his will. Also, don't forget that Y2k could potentially be a great opportunity for Christians to reach out in ministry to people in need.

JFC: Where are you guys from?

Dan: St. Paul, MN
Alex: New Orleans, LA
Jason: Jackson, MS

JFC: What's your favorite Caffinated drink? (LOL)

Dan: Coffee!!
Alex: Cappucino
Jason: Chocolate Milk (Yes, it DOES have caffeine!)

JFC: What other Christian Bands do you listen to?

mukala: We all enjoy our labelmates, Plumb, Silage (Oh Yeah!) Jars (Shameless Plug!), among others.

JFC: Thanx a whole ton for ansering these questions... are there any last comments?

mukala: We would like to encourage readers to check out We have posted a full length cd-quality version of "Skip to the End" (Our latest single) for download to your personal computers. We are using this opportunity at to expose all different kinds of people to Christian music who would never normally even hear that message. So tell your non christian (and christian) friends to go check it out!
Peace, and God Bless!

JFC thanx you for answering the questions.
God Bless you in your musical voyage :)