Darrell Ford
staff writer
February 09, 2006
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10 Thoughts On the Apparent Greatness of P.O.S.'s Audition

1. In the fine tradition of some of rap's heavyweight artists [not necessarily all the literal heavyweights], P.O.S. has a sweet ass acronym for a name [Pissed Off Stef, Piece of Shit, Promise of Stress, Product of Society, ad nasuem].

2. After smashing onto the underground scene with 2004's Ipecac Neat, P.O.S. refuses to settle. He considers his new disk a true musical Audition even though heís been making music since his early teen years. Rarely will you find an emcee whoís both humble and hungry.

3. Stef sounds as good flowing over a silk bassline on "Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff" as he does thrashing on "Yeah Right (Science Science)."

4. Though itís a move normally reserved for more established rappers, Auditionís guests include rockers Greg Attonito of the Bouncing Souls and Craig Finn of The Hold Steady. Thatís on top of the expected contributions from P.O.S.ís Doomtree collective and Slug from Atmosphere.

5. Audition opens with the powerful pseudo-rock anthem "Half-Cocked Concepts," creating the feeling of P.O.S.'s outstanding live show on wax. If youíre into that kind of thing, "Half-Cocked Concepts" is the track that's going to have you moshing even before the drums come in.

6. "I want a girl with toes like Uma Thurman." Who doesn't?

7. P.O.S. is living the Midwestern dream. As he says on "Living Slightly Larger," he's "got the skills to pay the bills and thatís about it." As much fun as it is to hear about Kanye's Jesus Piece, a lot of fans simply can't empathize with tales of ridiculous wealth and that shouldn't count against them.

8. The presence of underground heavyweight Slug should grant credibility to the record for those who weren't fortunate enough to catch P.O.S.'s live shows in 2005, when P.O.S. opened for Atmosphere on two tours. [On a related note, P.O.S. tour dates can be found here]

9. P.O.S. pours out a metaphoric [and possibly literal] heart on "The Kill in Me." The whispered delivery seems at odds with Stefís gritty demeanor, but it creates a startling and pleasant contrast with the rock and roll feel of "Yeah Right" and "Stand Up."

10. On the infectious single "P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life," Stef is equal parts vulnerable and quotable ["every girl is looking for the next best thing, every boyís in love with his girlís best friend"]. Few emcees ever convey as much personality as P.O.S. does on Audition.

Release date: January 31, 2006
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Rating: 7.0 / 10

On the web: http://doomtree.net/crew-pos.htm