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January 18, 2004
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June 1, 2004
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September 30, 1997
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July 24, 2001
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June 30, 1998
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many may be familiar with Fluke from their appearance on some of the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack and also for scoring quite a bit of Matrix Revolutions. complimenting Juno Reactor's efforts, Fluke's songs produced a definite softness and calm for both those albums. but one will find that these two attributes are really the only identifiable features of the group as they have switched from house to trip-hop and, on Risotto, Techno and Big Beat. the genre changes weren't terribly acute, but Techno Rose of Blighty differs strongly enough from OTO and the others. their latest effort shows the group comfortably treading and expanding Techno and Big Beat, burnishing the genres' rougher edges with calm and collection.

some may already be familiar with 'Atom Bomb' and 'Absurd,' two songs that put Fluke on the dance floor map in 1997. if the font and artistic guidance of the album literature look familiar, then you probably played Psygnosis cult futuristic racer, Wipeout 2097 which features Fluke on more than a couple tracks. Risotto pushes for what i consider stoner techno: very little BPM variability, sparse but undiluted instrumentation, and wafty, hazy vocal parts. but don't be deterred by this description since the result is not a loathsome extension of rhythm--something Jam Bands are proud of--but a carefully designed lax. both 'Atom Bomb' and 'Absurd' are oddities because the rest of the album sounds nothing like them. 'Kitten Moon,' 'Reeferendum,' and the gorgeous 'Goodnight, Lover,' emphasize control instead of Techno frenzy and adrenalized roaming the genre is often prey to.

Fluke, Leftfield, and (to an extent) Underworld should be lauded for stepping to the very edge of House music, almost moving towards Leftfield House entirely. repeatedly underestimated or overlooked, these artists should be repeatedly lauded for their accomplishments. Risotto is a feat that should be appreciated by any class of electronica fans.

Release date: September 30, 1997
Label: Astralwerks
Rating: 9.5 / 10